About us

Haparanda Wood Art is a garden building manufacturing company in Haparanda in northern Sweden. Our products are mainly garden lodges, summerhouses, saunas and garden offices. We also have special manufacturing for hotels and other tourism businesses, restaurants and conference centres.

We manufacture approximately 550 buildings annually, which of most are exported to Europe.

Original Wood Art Quality

Haparanda Wood Art products are manufactured from the highest quality wood, dense and durable pine wood timber sourced from sustainable forests in Northern Finland and Sweden.
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) är en organisation som verkar för ett ansvarsfullt skogsbruk, där man utöver lagar tar hänsyn till urbefolkning, hotade växter och djur, att människor som arbetar i skogen har bra arbetsvillkor, att skogen avverkas på ett sådant sätt att den även i fortsättningen kan växa på ett bra sätt, och i framtiden bära skog igen. m.m. När ett företag är FSC-certifierat betyder det att man följer en standard utfärdad av FSC.

Our goal is to improve all the time, listen to our customers and satisfy their needs, find out the right solutions - our customers should be able to enjoy our products!


Haparanda Wood Art
Tjädervägen 5
953 33 Haparanda, Sweden
phone +46 922-220 40
Mobile phone +46 70 653 46 11

FSC certifiering

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Barbecue huts, Sauna huts, Gazebos & Special manufacturing

Garden lodge

Barbecue hut for a more pleasant leisure time! made of dense fiber norrlandsfuru. WArt - we create well-being!

Grillkåta insida 25 kvm

Garden office

9.2 m2 garden office with five large windows. Made of double-spun dense fibrous Norrland pine. Insulating glass in all windows. The cottage is hexagonal in shape. Entire wooden floor.

The barbecue hut is delivered complete with barbecue system, chimney, wooden plate (6 pcs.), Knife and fork set (6 pcs.), Large frying pan, pan flaps and pan mitts, quartz clock and indoor thermometer, pan pad and napkin holder, bottle opener, birch top (6 pcs.), Guest book of dry wood, bottle binoculars, reindeer skin (5 pcs.).

Grillstuga 9,2 kvm

Summer house

We supply summer houses of very high quality. The summer house fits into the garden as well, in the city as in the country. With its many and large windows, it becomes a bright and pleasant place to hang out. The windows have insulating glass that is slightly tinted.

Lusthus produktion


The sauna huts that we manufacture provide a nice sauna experience. The smaller models are surprisingly spacious and larger models can also be insulated.

We also offer special manufacturing where the barbecue hut and sauna are separated by a partition. The grill is then also divided into two parts and is placed against the partition.

Bastu, Polarhouse

Special manufacturing

We specially manufacture original element-built garden lodges completely adapted to the customer's needs and wishes. Examples of customers can be hotel facilities, campsites and ski resorts to name a few. The areas of use vary from everything between reception, conference room, restaurant and shop. The combination possibilities are almost endless as you can build these huts together with each other. These buildings are of course fully insulated for use all year round.